Flying Soon? TSA is a Make Up Diva's Nightmare!

i know i haven't been blogging as promised, it's not that i've been lazy or anything. it's just that i'm gearing for a big trip, and i don't wanna say anything 'til it's set in stone already cuz i don't wanna jinx it, and i don't trust myself not to spill the beans if i allow myself to blog.

it's not yet completely set in stone as i don't have my visa yet (still processing) but i already have my flight booked and everything so we're pretty confident. i will tell you guys about it once my visa arrives. :D

anywho, the flight imma take is quite a long one, and i even need connecting flights. i know all about the nightmares of traveling but i still wanna look fresh and glamorous once i arrive in my destination (especially since glamour is the name of the game in that place!) so i've been researching about the TSA restrictions when traveling, especially with respect to cosmetics in your carry ons.

if you're gonna fly anytime soon, this post will be of value to you. :D

the basic rule is the 3-1-1
The TSA allows for passengers to carry-on small amounts of toiletries under the 3-1-1 rule. your toiletries must be 3oz or less, placed in 1 quart-sized clear ziptop bag,  and just 1 bag per passenger.

remember tho that the container itself must be 3oz or less, and if the container is 4oz but is half full, it will not be allowed throught the security checkpoint.

This zip-top bag must be removed from your carry-on for screening in the checkpoint.
Read more about it here: TSA Regulations.

Regarding cosmetics, here's the hard and fast rule:
if these items are not in the quart-sized clear ziptop bag, it should be checked in.
1. All creams and lotions including Neosporin or

 first-aid creams and ointments, topical or rash creams
 and ointments, suntan lotions, moisturizers, etc.
2. Bug sprays
3. Bubble bath including gel- or liquid-filled
 bubble bath balls, bath oils, or moisturizers
4. Gel Deodorants
5. Gel cap type pills
6. Hair Styling gels
7. Hair sprays of all kinds including aerosol
8, Hair straightener or detangler
9. Lip gels, glosses or liquids
10. Liquid foundations
11. Liquid soaps
12. Make up removers or facial cleansers
13, Mascara
14, Mouthwash
15. Nail polish and removers
16. Perfumes or Colognes
17. Toothpaste


your tube lipsticks, concealers, and foundations (etc) should be safe since it is solid.

lip glosses, etc, are considered gels so they must be in the baggie, but i've read that since they are in small quantities and containers, Airport Security does not bother with it too much, but just to be safe stick it in the bag.

if you're uncertain if your item will pass through security or not i have two remedies for you:

1. just stick it in your check in luggage; or
2. if your luggage has been checked in already and at the security checkpoint you suddenly realize that your item is prohibited for carry on, instead of letting the airport security guys confiscate said item, just bring a Self-addressed and stamped envelope, stick the prohibited item in there, and send it back home. :D

Happy Flying! :D

(disclaimer: all images are taken via google image search)

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