Pilipinas Got Talent 2: Collins Gutierrez

indulge me as i take a break from makeup blogging.

i just wanna show my support for Collins.

His audition in Pilipinas Got Talent wow-ed all three judges! and i am not surprised. i've known him since we were kids and he's really got IT. I remember going to his concerts way back as his mom would give us tickets. He's really an amazing singer! the dude's got good lungs on him. lol

i don't even know if he still remembers me, but he's our family friend, we went to the same schools in preschool and high school. i dunno if he got accelerated tho in between cuz i remember being classmates with him in kinder or prep, but when i went to highschool, he was already a sophomore during my freshman year.

anywho, i dunno how Pilipinas Got Talent works, or how you win that thing, but i remember it being thru votes, so when the time comes, please please please vote for him!!

i'm just suppa proud to know him!!

i hope he wins cuz he really deserve it!

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