a very merry estee lauder christmas haul!

for christmas and my birthday, i decided to give myself some estee lovin'!

i bought the Color Spectacular giftset, a 20 thousand worth of products that you can avail for just 3,500, if you buy any estee lauder product worth 4thousand pesos. insane right? each year, estee lauder comes out with a makeup giftset that you can avail with a product purchase.

to get the promo, i decided to get myself a perfume giftset and an estee lauder Double Wear foundation which is guaranteed to stay in place for 8-9 hours. it's a little over the 4,000 minimum, but that's okay because i am definitely happy with my purchases!

Collection includes:
- Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact with 15 coordinating shades (Sugar Cube, Ivory Box, Honey Drop, Lavender, Chocolate, Tea Biscuit, Copper Penny, Petal, Mulberry, Pale Moon, Cinnamon, Apricot and Mocha Cup in Pure Color Eyeshadow, plus Sage Duo in Estée Lauder Signature Eyeshadow).
- Deluxe Face Compact (Estée Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in Rosewood and Nude Rose, and Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer).
- Four Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks (full-size, in Candy, Rose Tea, Fig and Tiger Eye).
- Three Artist’s Eye Pencils (great for smoky eyes, in SoftSmudge Black, SoftSmudge Brown and Slate Writer).
- Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara (10-day supply, in Black).
- Lash Primer Plus (10-day supply).
- Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (3.4 oz.).
- Four deluxe makeup brushes (powder, blush, lip and eye).
- Golden standup mirror.
- Cosmetic traveler case.
- Companion makeup case. A $340 value.

the perfume giftset includes the toiletries case, Estee Lauder Pleasures perfume and Pleasures body lotion.

the foundation is very promising and i will make a review about it once i have played around with it.

i say this haul is one of my most expensive hauls. this is me in dire need of some retail therapy. i'm just thankful i am not binging on dazs' famouse ice creams.

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my hauls policy and products review policy.

i have this thing regarding hauls. i love love love reading other people's hauls and i don't have anything against it, but i am not too comfortable posting mine. don't ask me why, it's just my thing.

you've seen my hauls, obviously and there'd been a lot, but ive a policy regarding it:

1. if i didn't pay for it myself, it won't get featured as hauls.

simple as that. if i asked my mom to buy it for me, or if it's gifts, or if i used my mom's or my aunts' credit card extensions, it won't be featured as hauls.

imma only post haul products that i bought from my own savings. as i am on a student budget with no other income than my parents' education grant my hauls are bought with my own money. so i can proudly post it as hauls as i actually starved myself to get it. it's very fulfilling for me.

that's it.

regarding product reviews, i will only post products that are widely available in the philippine market, or is in the philippine market at least.

no product reviews for items i got online or bought outside the country that are hard to find. i would only post products that are bought online if the seller has a lot of stocks available and one can easily get it from them, even without a credit card. i think it's useless to review stuff that other people cannot get a hold of easily, or is not available in this market. it's just like bragging, and it defeats the purpose of product reviews. i mean, the main reason i do product reviews is because i want to share with you guys a really really good product so that if you feel like getting one yourself you can easily do so.

again, i've nothing against other blogs who do this. this is just my personal preference.

you might've also noticed that i am quite partial to gawang pinoy products or products carried by local brands. it is just my way of showing my love and support to our beloved country. this does not mean tho that i will not be reviewing foreign brands, but i just want to feature more local brands and to prove those brand snobs wrong.

also, i do not delude myself into thinking that other people would actually pay me money to advertise their products. i am not that popular. yet. i kid, i kid.
so as of press time ALL product reviews are based on my initiative and bought by me (or gifts, as long as it is widely available in this country).

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an open letter to the makeup artists in the santino serye

Dear Makeup Artists in the Santino Serye,

Splattering blood all over does not a believable accident wound make.

that's all.

a thinking viewer.

okay. ever since sembreak, i've been hooked to the santino serye.

the last episode i saw was the one where desiree del valle pushed dina bonevie off the cliff.

before des pushed dina off tho, they were having this fabulous confrontation scene. and i have to give it to Desiree del Valle. she acted her ass off even tho her foundation was several shades lighter for her skin tone. she completely soldiered on. it was kinda distracting to watch her, with the ghost face and all, but she acted her ass off as if the MUA did not butcher her face. then she pushed dina off the cliff or sumwhat. the next scene tho was in her house, a follow up of the cliffpushing scene and her foundation was totally the right shade already. good job MUA!

what boggles me off in this serye tho is that they looooove pushing people off the cliff and putting the actors in car accidents. i mean, ive been watching the serye for two weeks on and off and ive seen dina push someone off the cliff, be pushed off the same cliff, and participate in a car accident. that's all fine tho, wouldnt be a pinoy serye if nobody got pushed off the cliff. i'm actually surprised nobody's got blown up yet.

it's kinda distracting that in all these accidents, dina, the mother of santino, and dina's son did not sport any accident wound at all. they all just splattered blood all over! where did all those blood come from when there's no open wound huh?!!?

so i did this:and a more elaborate:

and all these just using aido eyelash glue, ever bilena concealer stick and setting powder, fashion 21 lipstick in wild cherry and aido brow duo.

i'm pretty sure with your makeup training and your more sophisticated makeup tools you can do a better job.

pick up the slack people!

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