Massive 4u2 Haul!

i know, i went really crazy in the 4u2 stand at SM manila. but can you blame me? they are just soo pretty!

the haul as follows:
1. 4u2 I-pro Eye Makeup Modern Palette
2. 4u2 I-pro Eye Makeup Classic Palette
3. 4u2 I-pro Eye Makeup Impressionist Palette
4. 4u2 I-pro Eye Makeup Contemporary Palette
5. 4u2 DreamGirl Color EyeShadow in No. 03
6. 4u2 DreamGirl Color EyeShadow in No. 13
7. 4u2 DreamGirl Color EyeShadow in No. 09
8. 4u2 DreamGirl Color EyeShadow in No. 06
9. 4u2 Chic Couple 2-Color Silky Blush in No. 01
10. 4u2 Chic Couple 2-Color Silky Blush in No. 10
11. 4u2 Wave Three Color Blush On

i originally bought the neutrals palette, which they call the Modern palette, along with the single eyeshadows, and i was able to get the i-pro palette for free. when i went home, i cannot get over how pigmented and nice the shadows are that i just have to have the rest of the palette. when i went back, two days later, i was supposed to get the Contemporary and Impressionist palettes, but the SA showed me the Classic palette which is the matte palette and i just had to have the matte ones! so i bought the Classic and Impressionist palettes, along with 3 blushes. again i was able to take home 2 of the ipro freebie palettes. then finally, i went back to get the Contemporary Palette so i could have all 4 palettes.

the freebies

technically, they arent free cuz you have to pay 1 peso for each once you've reached a minimum single receipt purchase.

to get the i-pro palette (which looks like the Nars' Bridal Palette, but more on that on future posts) you have to get a minimum of 1,500PhP single receipt purchase. i was able to get 3. imma give away one or two, so stay tuned for the details! :D

also, for a minimum of 300 peso purchase each, i was able to get:
1. 2 pcs freebie foundation
2. Glitz Mirror

L-R no. 03, no. 13, no. 09, no. 06

no. 3 is a beautiful silver white, my favorite of the bunch, no. 13 is a deep copper brown, no. 09 is a pretty old rose color, which would be spectacular as a highlighter/blush as well, and no. 06 is a beautiful yellow-gold color.

i already posted swatches cuz i've no intention of posting separate reviews/swatches for each.

i love:
-highly pigmented
-lotsa colors available
- does not crease
- long lasting

i hate:
- cheap packaging
- breaks easily (as you can see, i just salvaged my no. 03 shadow)

L-R Chic blush in no. 10, Wave blush in no. 05 and chic blush in no. 01

i realized i don't have enough blushes, so i bought some fantastic yet affordable ones.

top L-R Impressionist palette, Classic palette
bottom L-R Modern palette, Contemporary palette

there you have it, my massive 4u2 haul. will post swatches and initial review of the palettes soon! :P

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Bea said...

whoa. so many palettes! im liking impressionist and classic :)
btw, just followed you. check me out too. xoxo

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

wow thats a lot of 4u2 aahaha.and they have matte shades na din!how muc yung pro palettes?i want one

makeupjunkie said...

@bea - thanks, will be checking you out in a while. :P i love impressionist too! my roomie said it's soo me!

@shobe - can i call you shobe? my mandarin is a bit faulty, but if i remember correctly shobe is "little sister" feel free to correct me. ive no idea what i'm talking about. :P
i know, it's a lot!! yea, they do have matte shades na, but i don't think it's displayed in the counter. you have to ask for it pa.. each one costs 994 pesos, but i think it's worth it cuz the little palettes would set you back 400 pesos and the pans are really small. :P

Sush said...

wow that is a lot! hehe I miss hauling haha

GirL With GLasSes... said...

awwww... i honestly think that this is great haul. why? because up to now i still do not have a 4u2 palette which i wish to have for over a year already... =(

makeupjunkie said...

@sush - hauling is fun! it is my therapy! i'm thinking of joining makeup classes too but i need to save a bit more pa. i don't have the budget yet. maybe when i start working. :P

@jing - i miss you mare! you should really try to get them, they're really worth it!

Golden said...

Nice layout! I love it. It's so cute and girly. Waa! That's a lot of goodies. Enjoy!

Lots of love,

makeupjunkie said...

@golden, thanks. i just found it off google. :P ive been having the most marvelous time practicing. :P

Musicalhouses said...

Wow you have a beautiful blog layout! And that's a great haul! Love the eyeshadows!

makeupjunkie said...

thank you! :D when it comes to blog layouts and all that coding thing i'm such a ditz so google is my best friend :P

yea, sooo far my most fave one is the free palette i got. stay tuned, m just waiting for one more subscriber and imma do a giveaway

louise said...

i want to haul 4u2 because of this post :D

kristel said...

awww! sooo cute! =)