update in the midst of stress..

hi lovelies,

i miss everyone already! i havent been posting for so long, i know. i just wanna let you guys know i havent fallen off the face of the earth.

my net connection at home went kaput for no apparent reason and ive been following it up and with PLDT for weeks now and still they havent acted on it! soo annoying! that's the main reason why i havent been blogging. i do have wifi here in manila but it's shared with 40 or so other girls that connection's reallyyyyyyyyyyy slow lately that uploading pics is just a nightmare! i don't have the time nor the patience for it!

oh and i have fallen in love with a drugstore brand that i'm dying to show you guys my haul! maybe this weekend.

the holidays have just been crazy and ive been behind every other chore that i have. i'm still neck-deep into all the post holiday chores. sometimes i pray soo hard for time to literally stop in order for me to get everything done. i will not procrastinate ever again.

first, i got into all sorts of trouble with the school paper, including the layout and the printing, i might have to give up the editor-in-chief thing. it's too much work.

with my writing and my gigs and lawschool, i just don't think i can give the paper its due work.

also, midterms just blew over and i think i literally failed everything! i'm losing my focus already.

i'm just into too much stress right now that my blood pressure literally shoots up every so often, i even have to take medicines. i dunno the medical term, but i usually have a low blood pressure. but now, my BP just rises up to alarming levels every so often and i'm actually very scared.

oh and i just found out that the only hottie in my lawschool that's worth making gooey eyes with has been taken off the market. he is no longer single and available.

le sigh.

oh well.. his loss. :P

i do hope you guys are well! i read your posts regularly, i just dont have the time to comment.. will do after all these blows over.

stay sizzling!


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Golden said...

Aww, you're one busy lady! I never joined any extracurricular activities when I was in college, for fear of losing my focus on my studies. Heck, I didn't even have the time to get myself some boyfie. LOL.

Lots of love,

makeupjunkie said...

i know. it's busy, busy, busy. sometimes i just wanna lie around and do nuthin! haha. but yea, i dont have time to be in dates, let alone a real relationship.