How I Survived the Boondocks (Bundok)

first things first:
pl.n. Slang

  1. Wild and dense brush; jungle.
  2. Rural country; the backwoods.
[From Tagalog bundok, mountain.]

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I've always known that "boondocks" was from our very own tagalog word, "bundok" but just so everyone knows now. i think it was an over-zealous english teacher who taught me this little piece of trivia way back in gradeschool. lol

okay, so as you all know, i went "travolunteering" (i think it was actually Lois of who coined the word) in bohol,. and just like any self-respecting beauty blogger, i packed half a ton of beauty arsenal with me, even knowing i would barely use it in the mountains. while there tho, i wasnt able to use even 10% of what i brought because i don't wanna be that girl who wore a full face of cosmetics in the mountains. then again i wasnt that brave to show my bare face. my fellow volunteers were absolute dyosas in their bare faces that it'll leave even the hottest celebs with an insecurity complex. seriously! so what's a girl to do? fake it, of course!

i needed something that i can apply in less than a minute tho cuz travolunteering is one hectic job. you're up at 4-5am if you wanna get a decent shower because you have to share the one common shower room with 30 other ladies, not to mention fetching the water and carrying it yourself. not to put you off of volunteering or anything! lol.

needless to say, i wasnt able to use the pound and pound of cosmetics i packed and brought. so if you'll ever climb up a mountain for any reason, these are the only things you need. (trust me, i learned the hard way.)

1. Avon Lip and Cheek Tint - gives you the right amount of tint. i think i've already made a review of this before. i dunno if it's just me, but i couldnt tell the difference with the other variant from the same brand. while in the boondocks, it gave me a touch of color while still looking natural. and it lasts about half a day, which is okay. :D

2. Lip Balm - alba's unpetroleum jelly - prevented my lips from chapping and drying up while the SPF 18 gave me an added protection. it also left my lips soft and supple for kissing. (i only kissed babies in bohol tho, in case you, uhh, wondered. lol)

3. Etude House BB Cream - i don't care which variant or which brand, i just needed something with SPF, thicker than a tinted moisturizer, and less heavy than a full foundation. this seemed to answer all the requirements. i love that it is thick enough to hide my blemishes and conceal my under-eye circles, even a bit, and it evened out my discoloration. it lasts longer than your average tinted moisturizer too so win-win.

i also love the fact that all of these can be applied directly and using just my fingers for the added speed, and can be applied in less than 2 minutes, i think! lol.

(okay, imma be honest, i've no idea who took this photo but i found this in Mon G's album so i guess twas taken from his camera. lol. i know you could barely see my face but this is the only one i can find. peace! :D if it's any consolation tho, i can say that my face is not that even when bare!)

the number one non-vain and important thing tho was to slather yourself with SPF. i had the belo face sunblock with me with SPF 40 (only because i didnt have time to drop by the belo clinic and get a gel sunblock) and the beach hutt clear sunblock spray with 75++ SPF. thio i barely needed it because i was in the shade most of the time and it wasnt all that sunny when we went.

another tip: unless you wanna be eaten alive by all sorts of insects, ditch the perfume. i had my para'kito mosquito repellant with me but halfway thru the journey i lost it. good thing Ms. Nette C. and Daddy Jack gave me some of their anti-mosquito patches and mosquito repellants. :D

i hope you guys survive the boondocks too if you ever decide on climbing one. :D and if you already did, what make up did you wear? or are you like my fellow dyosa volunteers who were confident enough with their bare faces? do tell! :D

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