Last Loot for 2010

this is the last (hopefully) makeup haul for the year. it is also an impulsive one. i was just at my local watsons here in the province (not even inside an actual mall, just a stand alone Watsons near the plaza) and i got the following:

1. James Cooper 7-piece Travel Brush Set - i love this brush set! it seems like James Cooper really placed a lot of thought into this one. you can actually do a full face with this set and make it look professionally done!
- large brush: for setting liquid foundation. i actually just apply my liquid foundation in the car with my fingers and use this brush to set my foundation with my pressed powder.
- blush brush
- eyeshadow paddle brush
- crease brush
- slanted eyeliner brush
- concealer brush: which i've miststaken for a lip brush at first, lol
- spoolie: extremely useful
it sucks tho that it doesnt come with a lip brush but i dont mind at all, i can easily get the ever bilena retractable one, with cap, for less than 50 bucks, i think. i also love that the brushroll comes with a pocket. i've stored my Fanny Serrano Eyelash curler in it, along with my cookiie-shaped mirror. in a pinch, i can even easily stick a wedge sponge in it. :D
2. Nichido eyebrow powder - prolly the best eyebrow kit i ever bought, second only to the highly expensive ModelCo one.
3. 13 shades of the Niichido Girls Night Out Liners - i've read somewhere that it is even better than the urban decay 24/7 liners. can't confirm tho cuz i dont own a single one of the 24/7 liners but it got me intrigued. i think i already have at least 4 shades, but since i'm buying the complete set, i might as well pick up the rest right? for 80 bucks a pop. it aint so bad. i love that all of these are waterline safe as well, so it's all good. will post swatches after the new year, and that's a promise! :D
- *Bronze Glow
- 24K
- *Green Smokes
- Nice Gal
- *Pink Diamond
- *Thin Mints
- Blackest Black
- Deep Bloinde
- Cool Blue
- Metal Blue
- Vivid Turqiose
- Deep Plum
- Thin Mints
(* - the ones i already have from before)

there you have it, my impulse haul. i actually cheated a bit for including the james cooper brush set as ive bought it several days earlier, but IAG!

how was your christmases? i hope it was a lot better than mine. :D don't get me wrong, i spent it with my family and it was all good, but i am bloody missing somebody. i can't wait for May, when i get to see the brit again.. too long i know. thank god for skype and fb. lol. :P

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Anonymous said...

How much is the James Cooper brush set?