Update+ blogger app for ipad (finally)

Hello my lovelies!! I know it been ages!!! Ive just been busy travelling and climbing mountains and simply tryimg to make this world a better place to live in for future generations.. (deep, right?) lol

Seriously though, ihavent been blogging much cuz i havent been lugging my laptops around much. ( my macbook and netbook are both still with me). I used to have an ipad 1 but i still preferred my netbook then cuz it was a gaming machine in my mind. When i went to europe, i had to install office-related apps as it was going to be my main PC formy entire trip. That's how i rdiscovered my love for it(and affirmed my lovefor allthings apple). When i went back home, i immediately got an ipad 2 for its built-in camera and endless blogging potentials. It's been about three months since ive gotten my ipad 2 and i havent been blogging yet. Whyyou ask?! it frustrates me to no end that there is no blogger/blogspot app for the ipad or iphone!

Enter Blogsy

This is a test post of sorts actually. My prayers of long ago have finally been answered! I discovered an ipad app for blogspot!

This just for trial photo upload and i couldnt resist showing you guys (ehem, bragging, lol) what i did in Paris.

That's all for now. Methinks i will like this blogsy app!


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