Forever 21 haul, among others.

YAY! finally, i made my forever 21 pilgrimage! it really feels like a pilgrimage cuz you guys know i hate hate hate malls in the QC area. Southern belle speaking. lol

i was kinda disappointed that the ones i wanted from rustan's mac and nars are all out of stock. :( still tho, i'm super happy with my purchases! :D

1. Skimpy shorts
2. Sheer top
3. Floral dress
4. Dress shorts
5. bonnet (?)

1. gotta love the skimpy shorts.. eh? it's the new miniskirt! lol

2. Sheer sleeveless top - can be worn over any top. LOVE!

3. Dress Shorts - depending on the accessories, can go from semi-formal to casual. LOVE. sheer top may be worn inside too!

4. Floral Tube dress.

excuse the messy appearance. no make up. i was dead tired from the shopping and was about to sleep when i took the photos. :D

5. Crocheted bonnet. i didnt get accessories, so i just bought this. :D


1. Parisian Red-Soled Heels - wore it the entire time i was shopping, and didnt hurt one tiny bit! LOVE! i most love that i can wear the shoes with any one of the outfits i bought from forever 21

2. James Cooper Cream Foundation
3. James Cooper Matte Loose Powder

didn't get the chance to wear 'em pa, but it sure looks promising!


1. Mango Shades - dual purpose for buying: a. didn't like the ones sold in Forever21, and I broke my H&M shades several minutes before buying this.

i've wanted to buy aquazorb towels for the gym, but i didnt have time to go to shang. since i was finally there, i decided to get me some aquazorb. i love!

1. Oversized towel w/Breathable pouch - comes free with the huge orange bag, which i'm pretty sure is waterproof.
2. Large WorkOut Towel with breathable pouch
3. Hair Towel.

since it is over a thousand all in all, it came with a free box as well. :D now i gotta take my gym membership seriously. lol

Haul #5 LUSH
1. The Olive Branch hair and body shower gel.

ever since they phased out my sonic death monkey hair and shower gel, i was at a loss, since i loooovveed that stuff! will try this one if imma love it as much as i did my sonic death monkey.

that's all folks. was super tired from all the shopping i did, i literally passed out in my bed. :D

hope you enjoyed my QC malls haul. :D

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Khymm said...

nice haul! curious ako sa James cooper foundation.. cant wait for your review =)

Anonymous said...

wwwooow na blog agad. hehe. pero friend di pa sia sa QC area. mandaluyong lang. :)

anyway, next time ulit. hehehe shopping ulit. weeee ;p

makeupjunkie said...

potato, patata. all the same to me. hate the malls in the north.

makeupjunkie said...

@khymm, i will roadtest the JC foundie this week. :D

Blessy said...

what number is that fluid foundation brush? good for you guys in manila you have most of the products available...

CHARRY said...

nice haul. New follower here ;)