Product focus: Marionnaud Brushes

i love all my Marionnaud brushes, some maybe more than others, but i gotta say that everything is worth buying! i did not get the brow brush and comb, the tweezers, and the sponges coz i have no need of those anyway, especially the brow brush and comb which comes with the travel set anyway.

Le Price
ranges from about 70PhP - 299 PhP, depending on the brush you'd get. all worth the money, IMHO.

Le Experience:
i find myself reaching for these brushes more than my branded ones, and finally, i found good quality, yet inexpensive brushes. the handles are quite the right size too! not too long, yet long enough to be able to maneuver properly adn short enough for easy storage in your makeup bags. if you have all these brushes, it would render the travel set quite useless, but it's still good to have, as it is quite handy. it is nice to have in your bag or your emergency overnight case.

the powder brush in the travel set is exceptionally great, especially for blush application. good too for touch ups, to counteract the oilies!
the large powder brush is perfect for setting liquid/cream foundations. it is huge enough to cover huge spaces and soft enough to ensure sheer application. It is also perfect for bronzer application if you just want to warm up your look.
the fluid foundation brush blends liquid and cream foundation quite well. since i don't normally wear liquid/cream foundations, i use it to blend my concealer and it is perfect!
the Slanted blush brush dispenses color quite strongly, so you might want to use a light hand with your blush. i find tho that it is perfect for contouring and highlighting, as it comes on really strong. just remember to blend it really well with another brush (i.e. the large powder brush) to avoid harsh contour lines.
pointed eyeshadow brush is perfect for cutting the crease in your eyes and also for applying a light colored shadow in your tear ducts!
concealer brush - completely useless for under the eye as it is a bit scratchy and hurts the skin under my eyes, which are generally more sensitive than the other skin in the face.
eyeshadow brush - i find this weirdly with the same texture as the concealer brush, only, it's not scratchy at all. completely useless with powder shadows (too many fallouts!) but perfect for cream shadows!
the slanted liner brush is perfect for applying brow powder and lining the upper lid! i cannot stress how much i loveeeee this brush!

L-R: Travel Set, retractable brush, large powder brush, fluid foundation brush, slanted blush brush, pointed eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, slanted eye line and spoolie brush

a. powder brush - soft, great for touch ups, can double as a blush brush.
b. fluid foundation brush - small, better suited as a concealer brush.
c. eyeshadow brush - stiff, great for cream shadows tho.
d. eyeshadow applicator - just a fancy name for sponge applicator.
e. eyebrows and eyelash brush - great for brow grooming, and lash separator.
2. RETRACTABLE POWDER BRUSH - i love that it has a cap, very travel friendly! quite similar to stila's retractable brush, even softer, yet rounder.
3. LARGE POWDER BRUSH - perfect for bronzer application, best used with setting/loose powders
4. FLUID FOUNDATION BRUSH - works best with cream foundations and concealers
5. SLANTED BLUSHER BRUSH - perfect for blush application, even better for contouring
6. POINTED EYESHADOW BRUSH - defines the crease very well
7. CONCEALER BRUSH - scratchy. but i think i just got a bad stock cuz i've read great reviews for this one.
8. EYESHADOW BRUSH very similar in texture to the concealer brush, tho it's not scratchy at all!
9. SLANTED EYELINE & EYEBROWS DOUBLE SIDE BRUSH - LOVE! perfect for grooming brows. I've been using the slanted eye line brush to line my brows and my upper lid

Large powder brush and retractable brush comparison

Big Powder Brush vs Retractable Powder Brush
-basically functions the same way, only the big powder brush is fuller, while the retractable powder brush is more travel friendly and hygienic
- maybe bought alternately, as it is very similar. you don't really need both.


if i were to choose just 3 brushes to recommend and buy, i'd choose the following
L-R - Fluid Foundation brush, Slanted blush brush, Eyeliner brush and spoolie duo
(excuse the messy brushes, i have been using it prior to taking pics)

1. Fluid Foundation brush - dual use: Cream/liquid Foundation brush and concealer brush! blending prowess is fantastic! can also double as creme blush applicator!
2. slanted blush brush - perfect for contouring, and with a light hand, blush application!
3. slanted eyeline brush - two words: brow grooming.

these are the 3 brushes i use every single day and i love it!

Quick Tip:
do not throw away the plastic packaging. it can be used to store the brushes when not in use, and especially if you have the travel brush, its plastic packaging is perfect for storing ALL the other brushes!

Le Verdict:
LOVE LOVE LOVE! 4.5 out of 5.
i took points off of the concealer brush which is HORRIBLE!

i love:
- affordable
- soft
- does the designated job and more
- hygienic packaging - each one even comes with a brush guard (except the travel set and the retractable brush)
- does not bleed when washed.
- no hair fall out when washed.

i hate:
- the scratchy concealer brush.

only the concealer brush is crappy.

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SLANTED BLUSHER BRUSH is LOVE! I have two =) Nice review!

makeupjunkie said...

hi! thanks! i'm planning to get another blush brush and another fluid foundation brush just because i abuse mine from frequent use! lol

@blessy, you posted your query on my forever21 haul post, to answer your question, fluid foundation brush is N33. :D

Anonymous said...

Nice fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

Joice said...

cool:) love love love marionnaud brushes too. i particularly like the huge powder brush and the slanted blusher!

Lysa said...

Nice review sis.I'm torn between Fanny serrano eyebrow brush or Marionnaud. Now, I guess, I'll buy Marionnaud nalang. Thanks for the review sis!

ScatterbrainSince'83 said...

When I washed mine,nagbleed talaga ng sobra.