Product Focus: CK Eternity for women

CK Eternity for Women

i have been a late bloomer when it came to perfumes. i never really bought my own bottle until late last year. most of my perfumes were gifts by family and "ninangs" (godmothers). i prefer buying colognes any day because it was cost effective. hehehe. Eternity was the second perfume ive ever bought for myself.

late last year, i the very first perfume i bought for myself is the Estee Lauder Pleasures. and i was sorta "forced" to buy it, cuz i wanted to get the discounted make up set of Estee Lauder then, and the only perfume that came with a giftset was the pleasures one. i didnt really care much for the scent, i just wanted the free bag. SHH! you can check out the whole loot HERE.
the scent was okay, i guess, floral and all, but i was not gaga with it. three of my closest friends however would always try to steal it from my bag cuz they absolutely adore the scent! to each her own, i guess.

I was introduced to Eternity when last year, my mom gave me the CK Eternity Moment lotion (she kept the perfume for herself.) it was lying around in my room for soo long without getting love from me. then, on a whim, i went to Malaysia late March, and as i was hastily packing, i just grabbed the first lotion i could reach. it turned out to be the Eternity Moment lotion. while in malaysia, i can't get over the scent of the lotion. it was love at first sniff, i guess. :D then completely forgot about it again, cuz i was travelling so much. (Malaysia was the only impromptu trip tho, cuz my other trips were planned waaay ahead of time)

after all the travelling i did, late May, i was finally back home here in Pinas, and i was on a shopping trip with my friend Roxy when we chanced upon the Calvin Klein store in MOA. i went inside and asked for the CK Eternity perfume (i got a bit confused, i thought the lotion i had was eternity and not eternity moment). I instantly fell in love with the Eternity Perfume, tho it was a bit more stronger than the CK Eternity Moment was. I just could not get over how good it smelled! So I made a mental note to grab a bottle soon.

a few days later that was exactly what i did. i got myself my now beloved CK eternity perfume (which i think will be my signature scent.) i loved the scent soo much that i again bought another bottle as "back-up." i never want to ever run out of this stuff, you see.

top notes:
citruses, green notes, mandarin orange, freesia, sage

middle notes:
lily, carnation, violet, jasmine, marigold, lily of the valley, rose, narcissus

base notes:
sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk, heliotrope

*notes description copied from

i really don't understand the top notes base notes thing, as i am really a perfume noob, but from what i can tell, the first spray would come on a little bit strong, and a tad horrible smelling even, but as the different notes settle and fuse it leaves a very classic, floral, and femine scent. i love love love it.
i think it is best worn during quiet, romantic evening dates as it just gives off that classic, subdued vibe.

despite being introduced in the loud 80's, it's packaging and bottle is very simplistic, sophisticated and elegant, quite like the scent itself.

i did a few "research" work and i found out off of the net *cough* wikipedia *cough* that:

if you are thinking of getting a perfume, this one is highly recommended by me! 10 out of 10 stars!

if you, my lovely readers absolutely have to choose just one perfume to wear all the time what would it be? or have you found the perfect one? i sure wanna know, cuz i feel that me and my Eternity perfume will have a looong and fresh smelling relationship for all of, well, eternity. lol

this is my I'm-too-excited-for-my-forever21-pilgrimage-to-sleep blogpost. bear with me. lol

**photo taken off of google images.

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Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

test.. yes nagwowork na sha sis! di ko pa natry ang Eternity =)

makeupjunkie said...

hi khymm! :D the scent is very classic, and sophisticated, i love it!

Cosmetic products said...

nice post, thanks for sharing....
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