pre-forever 21 post

i know.. so late. i kinda feel like i'm the last lady blogger to visit forever21.. it's just faaar from my place.. and i hate the malls in the north (sorry northern gals, spoken like a true southern belle.. lol)


finally this thursday imma be visiting the flagship store with my bestest kikay gal pal, roxy! yay!

i already have a list of the things i wanna get, hopefully i stick to it! :D

1. SUN GLASSES - everyone who's ever met me would know that i am all about the SHADES! lol

2. tops - laid back tanks would be best

3. short shorts - can't get enough of these skimpy shorts! LOVE

4. Dress - optional tho, depending on le budget! lol

5. Accessories - maybe a belt.

*since imma be visiting megamall, might as well hit the dept store for these:

1. James Cooper Cosmetics - not all SM dept store carry the line and ive been hearing really good stuff bout the cream foundie and the setting powder. imma check that out.

2. Parisian Shoes - the ones that figured in the Manila Fashion Week last june. I WANT!
i want the one in the far left and the one third from left! lol

*imma definitely hit up Shangri La na din to get a few essentials

1. the nars mini multiple trio - ive been salivating over these since january pa and i will get it na.

2. MAC Pink Noveau Lipstick - that's been getting buzz na talaga.

haaayyy just thinking about it makes me salivate.. imma be a whole lotta poorer, but hopefully a whole lotta happier too! and ive been saving so show me the cashier! lol

(i'm really a "lists" person so i just gotta make lists ALL the friggin time)

imma check back thurs or fri to show you guys my loot!

**photos stolen via google images. peace! :D

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