Product Focus: Ever Bilena Mousse Blushes

TOP: L-R Aster, Rose Pink
BOTTOM L-R Scarlet, Dusty Mauve

Le Price:
125 pesos per pot.
the packaging is very similar to mac paintpots, except that the caps on the EB have a weird shape on them. also, while mac paint pots contain 5g of the product, an EB mousse blush or eyeshadow contains 7g.

Le Experience:
i was able to swatch EB's new Mousse Cosmetics while doing some grocery shopping. i fell in love with them right away, so much so that i was making a beeline for the nearest watsons the following day in order to get me the mousse line!
i was not exactly blown away by the mousse blushes at first because i didnt like the way it swatched on my hand, but i figured i could probably use it as a base for my blushes.
let me tell you now that first impressions are not accurate! once i got home, i decided to test out Aster, the one that looks pale pink in the pot. once i blended it on my cheek, i fell right in love! it gives you the right amount of a fresh-faced glow! it is very moisturizing too! The air-whipped consistency is living up to its rep. the mousse itself is very light on the skin. (and that's saying a lot cuz ever since i used airbrush cosmetics, i find that most conventional makeup is heavy on my skin,) with this product tho, i hardly ever felt like i had makeup on.

L-R: Dusty Mauve, Aster, Rose Pink, Scarlet

1. Dusty Mauve - Peach Colored. will give you just the right amount of tinge in your cheeks, without appearing to be blushing, if that makes sense. it will just enhance your features.

2. Aster - Appears to be pale pink on the pot and when swatched, but don't let it fool you! once blended, it gives off the best blush of the four! it's healthy pink. no other way to describe it.

3. Rose Pink - Reddish Pink, tho pink is more dominant. it's a stronger pink than aster, i think this one would be better used on night outs or photo sessions when you want to make a bolder statement with your blush. best paired with a flirty pink lipstick and nude eyes.

4. Scarlet - Reddish Orange - more on the red side tho with just a hint of orange, if that makes sense. this one i would take to the gym to fake that healthy flush that can be achieved thru working the thread mill.

Applied and Blended
L-R Dusty Mauve, Rose Pink, Aster, Scarlet*

*note - scarlet does not look like an ugly muddy-brown color in real life. i guess the lighting of the room clashed horribly with my flash and the distance between the camera and scarlet.

Le Verdict:
4.0 out of 5 Stars

What I like:
  • great color pay-off
  • consistency
  • light weight
  • inexpensive
What I don't like:
  • un-hygienic packaging
  • ugly, cheap packaging (i've had it for a day and already the silver logo's peeling off)
  • staying power's not so great (3 hours, max. tho setting it with a powder blush should do the trick.)
i highly recommend this product because, considering the price, quality is great. (i feel like i say this all the time, but hey, if the product is not so stellar, then i wouldn't even bother making a product focus post on it.)

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Angie said...

Now I'm curious about the Aster shade!

makeupjunkie said...

you should really try it! tis amazing! :D